’Tis the season for adventure, specifically a ladies trip. A time to make somewhat post pandemic memories. My friends are all vaccinated so we’ve decided to visit our friend in Boston.

“She said I think I’ll go to Boston” -Augustana

Conveniently the weekend I’m traveling to Boston with the girls, happens to be the same week my brother is moving to Boston. As a result, I took the liberty of doing some Yelp research on the best spots in Boston.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import requests
import json
#from yelp.client import Client
import matplotlib.pyplot …

story not published on the 25th

I was scrolling on twitter when following image caught my attention. Although, I can’t find the actual tweet :( here’s the screenshot resembling the image within the tweet.

Now this is truly astonishing. One would think a movie with low score of 41% would NOT generate a cult following. So why is it everyone knows the quote “April 25th — because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!” when responding to “what is your idea of a perfect date?” ??? I believe it’s because there’s a large…

I finished a data science bootcamp about 2 months ago, and I’d be lying if I said I spent those 2 months sharpening up my code skills. I needed to get back in the swing of things, and learning SQL from scratch was not keeping me entertained. [If I get hired at a company that uses SQL I will spend more time getting acquainted … I just missed Pandas]. So I created a mini project to see what I remembered from learning Pandas! I sent out a questionnaire to a bunch of relatives, and used matplotlib to depict their answers…

a technical blog

I searched for Image Classification data on Google. I came across a file with images of buildings, forest, glaciers, mountains, seas, and streets. If you click the link below you’ll see I used number 6, Intel Image Classification.

I downloaded the previous file and unzipped it. Then I froze, I realized I didn’t know how to load the image dataset in Python. I’ve gotten comfortable importing csv files into a pandas dataframe, but loading images is different! So I did a quick YouTube search to figure out how I should proceed. …

Gingerbread Class

It was December 25th, two thousand and twenty-two. The world was is in disarray. To remedy bad vibes radiating from 2020, I knew I needed to distract myself with something fun. I felt it was my job to bring joy back into my life, and the lives of my mother, grandmother, and brother. I thought, what COVID-19 safe activity could we do, for Christmas? Like many others, we settled on building gingerbread houses. The caveat being, we weren’t able to purchase kits because they sold out. Instead, we purchased graham crackers, icing, skittles, jelly beans, saltine crackers, and…

Using Python’s Beautiful Soup

Step 1

Import BeautifulSoup

import requests
from requests import get
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

Step 2

In this specific instance we’ll set the url to the Wikipedia page of the most recent bachelorette season (Season 16 — Clare and Tayshia season).

url = ''
results = requests.get(url)

Then run results alone to check the response.


The response should look like this <Response [200]>. If the response is not 200 that means there is an error.

From the url we’ll be scraping some columns from the following table.

Step 3

An argument for what needs to happen before you can “Just Google It”

Disclaimer: I love surfing Google. Google’s CEO and I share an alma mater. I have distant relatives who work at Google. Two of my college roommates work at Google. One of them brought me a Google sweater. 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon — it is the most comfortable sweater I own.


I believe someone needs a foundation before they begin googling. When I started working at Starbucks, I had no existing foundation. I couldn’t tell the difference between coffee and a latte. What was the difference…

How to use trees to solve Bayes problems

Example 1:

A standard poker deck is shuffled and the card on the top is removed. What is the probability the second card is a Queen?

There are 4 queens in a 52 card card deck. 48 of the cards are not queens (52–4). If the first card is left out of the deck during the second draw, the second draw will be drawn from 51 cards. In the second draw your chance of getting a queen is 3/51. Which means 48 out of 51 cards will not be queen. If the queen was…

Spotify and LyricGenius

Spotify is a music streaming service. To use Spotify’s API you must have a Spotify account. The ad free account has a monthly fee as opposed to the free account. However, either version will allow you to get an API key. On the other hand, LyricGenius is a cite of song lyrics. To retrieve information from either one must update their terminal.

Step 1: Terminal

In the terminal write …

pip install spotipyorpip install spotipy --upgradeandpip install lyricsgenius


Once on the website (link above) click My Dashboard

Sign into your Spotify account after clicking My Dashboard. Once logged in…

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